We consider coconut smashing as a powerful remedy for any obstacles on your path. This remedy will ensure that the obstacle gets rid of you. When you break a coconut only, then you will realize what amount of energy you’ve used while breaking the hard coconut.

We usually do it on the fourth waning moon, as this will help to remove all the obstacles that are on the path of your achievement.


We consider mantras as powerful and sacred sound vibrations which invoke the spiritual force. Mantras are more effective if they’re done with a serene mindset while practicing or meditating yoga. We have different mantras for unique problems which can range from finance, love & relationship, education, job & career, and to guard ill effects of planets. The mantras will be written on your behalf. This would also help others in changing their karma.


This means that the SHRADDHA or TARPANAM conducted by people to their deceased ancestors to help in the soul's transition to heaven or next birth. The major benefit that you receive from this are the blessings which will benefit the entire family


Surya pradosham will provide an opportunity to build a road towards true happiness & prosperity in life. It helps to dissolve negativity & enhance your inner strength on surya pradosham.


This happens on the upcoming 13th moon. We call this as soma pradosham as it falls on Monday. This acts as an important means to clear affections of the moon which can cause anguish vibes in you.


We call this as Guru Pradosham as it falls on Thursday. It is a fantastic life opportunity to reset your life. While we perform spiritual practices on this day, it will eliminate your negative karma and bad vibes because of the gracious blessings of the Guru. Enrolling for Guru Pradosham will eliminate the barriers which are causing harm to your life..


We consider poojas being powerful and realistic as performing them helps us to talk to the supreme. We perform poojas for various issues such as life, property, goodness & wellness, health, threat or damage if any.


Planets have always played a very important role in our life. Planet's position at the time of your birth will help to determine what sort of life you will have. We all know that no one can control the planet's position, but all we can do is to bring the balance of energies in our life by performing poojas. Poojas help in alleviating problems by bringing peace to the family. There is pooja for many planets and a mix of them including the sun, the moon, and the other 9 planets.